The Apache Wars

Mickey Free. Victim and…not so victim. His was an unfortunate lot. Trusted by few, the life of the mixed blood soul was entwined with those he met along the way setting a sometimes less than happy course in history. This is that story. With vivid characters like Geronimo and the Apache Kid this is a […]

A Sweet Misfortune

Independent Rachel Matthews. A dance hall girl. What would people think? When her brother bails her out of her predicament via John McIntyre, a sort-of-hero/sort-of-villain, Rachel learns slightly disturbing news that soon sets her against the cattle baron. Sparks fly between the two leading them each on their own adventure. This wasn’t a horrible story, […]

The Trouble with Patience

Patience Cavanaugh with big ideas and sparkling dreams has set down in the Wild West with the idea of reviving a family boardinghouse. She’s got quite a bit ahead of her to make it operational but she is not deterred. With her perseverance and ability to make friends (and annoy the local sheriff) it looks as […]

Truth Be Told

Amelia Wagner’s life is turned upside down when she arrives home just in time to witness her father’s death from illness. Distraught but unwilling to return to her daft mother who has quickly remarried to a less-than honorable man Amelia throws herself into a task; saving her father’s newspaper from the ultimate fall a very […]

A Sensible Arrangement

Marty Olson is about to do the absurd. When bank manager Jake Wythe advertises for a bride Marty decides she has had enough of her aad life in Texas; and so she leaves for the greener pastures of Colorado to become Mrs. Jake Wythe. Without telling her sister of her plans plus hiding from Jake […]