The Trouble with Patience

The Trouble with PatiencePatience Cavanaugh with big ideas and sparkling dreams has set down in the Wild West with the idea of reviving a family boardinghouse. She’s got quite a bit ahead of her to make it operational but she is not deterred. With her perseverance and ability to make friends (and annoy the local sheriff) it looks as if those dreams will be realized before long. Despite the friction between Patience and Sheriff Jedediah Jones there are some underlying feelings that even surprise them. But their differences seem to exceed their feelings.

Yet another cliche title to add to the list of books I wished I had just given up on after the first ten pages. Yikes. If I was expecting anything untoward from Maggie Brendan it was something else. Instead I got pure annoyance. On top of everything else the story didn’t quite engage me as some of Brendan’s books have.

(Okay, guys, rant coming on. You have been warned.) What kept the story going, though was what really annoyed me. Patience and Jedidiah early on seemed to be forever at the other’s respective throat. Mainly because Patience felt Jedidah (and he was) was degrading her because she was a female and Jedidiah was at the receiving end of a fiery temper and sharp tongue he retaliated or even beforehand said something smart. This is a running theme in so many novels that I pick up anymore that it has gotten to be quite old. I’d love to see a fresh take on the conflict thing and as far as equality goes (though I personally feel that as far as I got in the book that the author used the conflict for humor rather than to approach that subject) that it shouldn’t be over trivial matters that demean the issue. There wasn’t a balance. Perhaps towards the end things changed and the characters began to act in a rational manner instead of trying to find the insult in everything the other said, but I didn’t wait to see if it happened. To my shame I didn’t see the book through (isn’t that a horrible un-bibliophilic thing to do?!). But rant over. I’m sure there were good lessons in there somewhere as there usually are with a Brendan book.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we received a hardcopy of “The Trouble with Patience”  provided by the publishers, Bethany  House, in exchange for our honest review.


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