The Apache Wars

Mickey Free. Victim and…not so victim. His was an unfortunate lot. Trusted by few, the life of the mixed blood soul was entwined with those he met along the way setting a sometimes less than happy course in history. This is that story. With vivid characters like Geronimo and the Apache Kid this is a […]

Anchor in the Storm

Lillian Avery and Archer Vandenberg are an unlikely duo. But for the cause they join forces to figure just what the heck is going on with Archer’s subordinates and a possible connection to prescriptions Lillian has been filling. Make no mistake, Lillian can barely abide the man but with something going on it’s clear something […]

The Magnolia Duchess

Fiona Lanier’s family is no friend to the British. With her very own brother locked up as a prisoner-of-war who could blame them? When a childhood acquaintance washes up, literally, on local shores Fiona determines to hide his nationality. Conveniently easy as it is since he has no recollection of who he is, where he’s […]

Not by Sight

Grace Mabry has strong convictions and a frankness about her that is going to land her into trouble some day. And it does eventually. And it all begins with handing a feather of cowardice to an arrogant future earl at a ball she had no business attending. Shortly after a tragedy takes place and in […]

The Creole Princess

Lyse Lanier’s family suffered a fall from grace before she was born. As such she has long been accustomed to her poor life and drunken father. When she meets a seemingly well-to-do and cocky Spaniard they become fast friends despite their very different backgrounds. But their friendship is complicated by war. A revolution of some […]