The Apache Wars

Mickey Free. Victim and…not so victim. His was an unfortunate lot. Trusted by few, the life of the mixed blood soul was entwined with those he met along the way setting a sometimes less than happy course in history. This is that story. With vivid characters like Geronimo and the Apache Kid this is a […]


I’m baaaaaack! So after a stint of craziness I’m back in the blogging world for a little bit. I went about a year and half without an internet connection in my home, and then moving and working all over creation, but for the present I’m settled and going to get back into the groove of […]

No Other Will Do

Emma Chandler is different. There’s no denying that. But it’s gotten her to where she is now and there’s no denying that either. But sometimes you’ve got to bend just a little and let compromise sort out the more sticky situations. That’s why, despite her stance on males, Emma must enlist the help of Malachi […]

A Worthy Pursuit

Charlotte Atherton is just doing what she thinks is best for her kids. After the closing down of the school where she teaches Charlotte sneak three kids out of the school and spirits them away into obscurity to protect and care for them. But one of the children has a wealthy grandfather that the child’s […]

A Heart’s Home

Well I opened my big mouth and did it. Derp. After stating I would read anything by Colleen Coble I picked up a title by said author and fell asleep at about the halfway point. This little incident prompted me to call it quits and move on to my next book (which then kept me […]