About Our Reviews

Thank you for visiting Reet Champion Book Reviews. We endeavor to present honest book reviews based on the appropriateness and quality of content. Much of our reviews focus on fiction and nonfiction historical material. Opinions expressed, whether positive or negative, are our own. Please keep in mind that what we like, you may dislike and vice versa and therefore it is wise to keep an open mind when reading our book reviews.

We review ~ Christian fiction, historical fiction (juvenile, YA, adult), historical nonfiction, biographies, stories relating to the sea/ships/sailors and picture books. We review very few autobiographies and when we do they are usually by missionaries, sailors or date pre-1940s. Photography is a subject we venture into now and again.

We do not review ~ Dystopian fiction, science fiction, paranormal fiction, stories relating to zombies, vampires, witches, etc, thrillers or horrors.

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