Anchor in the Storm

Lillian Avery and Archer Vandenberg are an unlikely duo. But for the cause they join forces to figure just what the heck is going on with Archer’s subordinates and a possible connection to prescriptions Lillian has been filling. Make no mistake, Lillian can barely abide the man but with something going on it’s clear something […]

Where Treasure Hides

Alison Schuyler knows that as the recipient of the Van Schuyler curse she can never marry. Instead she contents herself with art and by working in the family’s old art gallery in Rotterdam. But when World War II strikes her world begins to unravel with devastating effects. Her life is soon consumed with protecting living […]

Through Waters Deep

The last thing quiet secretary Mary Stirling wants is to draw attention to herself. But it seems that the more she fights it the more inevitable it becomes. When it becomes apparent that someone is sabotaging the US Navy Mary inadvertently thrusts herself into the spotlight, even though her superiors would seem to shrug off […]

Maggie Bright

Between a teakettle wielding, shrieking 67-year old woman the Burglar Vicar didn’t stand a chance at his mission – whatever it was. But Clare Childs is determined to find out. Easier said than done. When she meets the vicar’s friend, Murray Vance of New York, she is intrigued by his warnings. Can the truth be more […]

Remember the Lilies

Rand Sterling is living the life and loving it. While operating his two very popular nightclubs he is staying busy and making money with ever present thoughts of expanding his influence. But when World War II comes to Manila his world is thrown into a disarray. After a failed escape attempt from a Japanese internment […]

Thief of Glory

One boy to protect a frail family in the middle of a Japanese concentration camp. It seems to be impossible but Jeremiah Prins has determined he will stand in his father’s stead to care for his mentally frail mother and host of siblings. It’s a task a grown man would find taxing; for Jeremiah the […]

In Perfect Time

Kay Jacobson has led a far from charmed life although she never lets on. Behind her strong and seemingly manipulative facade lies an aching heart in need of some intense care. To much of the world she is a form of pleasure or evil, depending on the person’s worldview. What neither party knows is Kay never lets […]