Not by Sight

Grace Mabry has strong convictions and a frankness about her that is going to land her into trouble some day. And it does eventually. And it all begins with handing a feather of cowardice to an arrogant future earl at a ball she had no business attending. Shortly after a tragedy takes place and in […]

Dead Wake

Not since Diane Preston, Robert Ballard and J. Kent Layton have there been many in-depth books about the RMS Lusitania and her tragic demise. It’s true that a few “lightweight” books have come up over the last few years that touched on the Lusitania but that’s about it. The 100th anniversary of the tragedy is […]

Dressed for War: Uniform, Civilian Clothing & Trappings, 1914 to 1918

Fashion. A thing that fascinates no matter the time period. Since early on clothing has mattered a great deal, never mind if it was/is ridiculous or a danger to one’s health one must have those feathered hats that way ten pounds, or that Tudor dress that must be the equivalent of wearing the bay windows […]

World War I in 100 Objects

World War I. An event mostly remembered for its grisly statistics, tranches and scarred land left behind. In this latest release World War I in 100 Objects allows readers to view this tragic period via items used in the Great War. With the recent influx of World War I literature I confess I had my […]

Bunny the Brave War Horse

Bunny is a horse with long ears, a big heart and lots of courage. Through the darkest days of World War I Bunny suffers through war with two brothers, one of which will give his lose his life in the war to end all wars. For man and horse the war-torn world of Europe now […]

The Great War

The Battle of the Somme resulted in devastating losses with more than 1,000,000 casualties and mistakes made by those in command only helped to achieve that number. Many people died in the battle leaving behind bereaved family members. In the aftermath there were, as can be expected, bodies that were unidentified; they now lie in […]

First Victory: 1914

The SMS Emden had to be stopped, plain and simple. World War I had only been going for a few months now – not even a year – and already the Emden was wreaking havoc on British shipping. It had only been in recent years that Australia had built up a navy of their own. […]