Undaunted Hope

Tessa Taylor has made some bad choices in the past, but she’s ready to move on and create a new life for herself. And she means to stay away from lighthouses. But what happens when a lighthouse and its keepers come her way? Between wrestling personal issues, her past threatening to come forward and her […]

Love’s Rescue

After twisting the truth a bit to get what she wanted/needed Elizabeth Benjamin probably shouldn’t have expected a happy welcome from her semi-cold father. But Elizabeth will do what Elizabeth wants and now she is stuck in a most difficult situation. As she is forced further into a future marriage to a dull and obnoxious […]

Sea Fever

Nautical nut that I am I nearly passed out from excitement upon spotting this book. A combination of both literature AND maritime?! Does it get any better? Probably not. In Sea Fever Sam Jefferson shows readers the backgrounds of some of the best loved stories and how they came to be through the experiences and […]

Beneath the Heart of the Sea

The whaler Essex was on a routine trip. That routine turned into the extraordinary test of endurance when a whale sunk the ship leaving survivors in the middle of nowhere in little boats. What followed next was a horrific tale of torture, murder and cannibalism at the hands of nature and man. By now most […]

Dead Wake

Not since Diane Preston, Robert Ballard and J. Kent Layton have there been many in-depth books about the RMS Lusitania and her tragic demise. It’s true that a few “lightweight” books have come up over the last few years that touched on the Lusitania but that’s about it. The 100th anniversary of the tragedy is […]

Beyond All Dreams

Anna O’Brien doesn’t have much in life but she has worked hard for what she does have and for the most part she is content. That is until lately. With age she has come to spot oddities in the letters left behind by her deceased mariner father – oddities that point to a cover up […]

Love Unexpected

Emma Chambers had all but given up her dreams of a good marriage before being shipwrecked Presque Isle.Growing up in the environment that she had didn’t exactly elevate her character – as innocent as it may be. But when times get hard despite her brother’s attempt to support himself and Emma, Emma makes a decision […]