Anchor in the Storm

Lillian Avery and Archer Vandenberg are an unlikely duo. But for the cause they join forces to figure just what the heck is going on with Archer’s subordinates and a possible connection to prescriptions Lillian has been filling. Make no mistake, Lillian can barely abide the man but with something going on it’s clear something […]

Through Waters Deep

The last thing quiet secretary Mary Stirling wants is to draw attention to herself. But it seems that the more she fights it the more inevitable it becomes. When it becomes apparent that someone is sabotaging the US Navy Mary inadvertently thrusts herself into the spotlight, even though her superiors would seem to shrug off […]

In Perfect Time

Kay Jacobson has led a far from charmed life although she never lets on. Behind her strong and seemingly manipulative facade lies an aching heart in need of some intense care. To much of the world she is a form of pleasure or evil, depending on the person’s worldview. What neither party knows is Kay never lets […]

On Distant Shores

Georgie Taylor never wanted to be a flight nurse. She came to be there for her dear friend Rose. She puts up a brave front but deep down she is miserable, losing her head in time of emergency. Sgt. John Hutchinson pushes Georgie to think for herself and stand firm while on the homefront everyone she […]

With Every Letter

Throughout her entire life where ever she has gone, Mellie Blake has never been accepted. Caught between two cultures that shunned her she withdrew into herself which has made it difficult for her to cope with other people – particularly women – in adulthood. Now she’s doing something she really wants to succeed at (nursing) […]