Dawn at Emberwilde

Isabel Creston is settled. Finally. She’s mostly content though in her earlier days she had been somewhat of an odd duck. She’s teaching and caring for her sister, quietly. With her parents gone, she’s the responsible one now. Then the news of unknown relatives comes and the pair are tossed into a difficult world that […]

The Curiosity Keeper

Camille Iverness knows she has been dealt some harsh realities in life but she has contented herself with helping her father run his curiosity shop while he is out venturing goodness knows where. She also knows that she isn’t exactly safe. That fact is driven home one night when she is attacked by an intruder […]

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall

Cecily Faire is setting out on her own. After being disowned five years ago over a failed romance Cecily has been making a life for herself without the support of a family, but of friends who have helped to tame her impulsive character and mold her into lady. Little does she know what awaits her […]

The Headmistress of Rosemere

Her burdens are heavy, but Patience Creighton is a survivor and will do what she can to preserve her father’s dream while supporting her mother. Life was not always so harsh. Before her father died, Patience had her brother Rowan and mother to lean on. But all that has changed now. Rowan has deserted the […]