Dawn at Emberwilde

Isabel Creston is settled. Finally. She’s mostly content though in her earlier days she had been somewhat of an odd duck. She’s teaching and caring for her sister, quietly. With her parents gone, she’s the responsible one now. Then the news of unknown relatives comes and the pair are tossed into a difficult world that […]

The Painter’s Daughter

Sophie DuPont is a little bit of a spot. And now Stephen Overtree is offering her the respectability his brother failed to provide when he deserted her without a proper goodbye. With scandal closing in Sophie weds the rather imposing Stephen (who believe he is soon to die) and attempts to settle into a life […]

The Girl in the Gatehouse

Mariah Aubrey made a mistake. And now she’s paying dearly for it. In her pen she takes solace, pounding on highly emotional memories that will haunt her for the rest of her life. But she’s making do with what she has, even if sh has been banished from her family, and even if her landlord […]

A Sapphire Season

Mirabella Tirel knew what she thought was love. But that came to naught and now five years later she is looking to make a match once and for all. As she wades into the sometimes uncertain and corrupt waters of London society, Mirabella learns valuable lessons of life – and it is not arguing with […]

Lady of Milkweed Manor

Banished from home, Charlotte Lamb enters a home for unwed mothers, anticipating the birth of her child, uncertain of life thereafter. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to run into the a childhood chum whose suit her father had refused. Charlotte and he rekindle a friendship while she fills her days with seeking […]

The Secret of Pembrooke Park

Abigail Foster has stumbled on to a mystery that no one seems to want to rehash. When a financial fall reduces their budget dramatically, the Foster family is approached with an offer to good to be true: to live in the semi-abandoned home of distant relatives. With nothing to lose Abigail moves in to occupy […]

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall

Cecily Faire is setting out on her own. After being disowned five years ago over a failed romance Cecily has been making a life for herself without the support of a family, but of friends who have helped to tame her impulsive character and mold her into lady. Little does she know what awaits her […]