Sea Fever

Nautical nut that I am I nearly passed out from excitement upon spotting this book. A combination of both literature AND maritime?! Does it get any better? Probably not. In Sea Fever Sam Jefferson shows readers the backgrounds of some of the best loved stories and how they came to be through the experiences and […]

Dead Wake

Not since Diane Preston, Robert Ballard and J. Kent Layton have there been many in-depth books about the RMS Lusitania and her tragic demise. It’s true that a few “lightweight” books have come up over the last few years that touched on the Lusitania but that’s about it. The 100th anniversary of the tragedy is […]

The Lawhill Story

The Lawhill was indeed a lucky ship. She lasted well into a world that had long ago transitioned from sail to steam and then to aviation as a means of international transportation. It’s sad that she wasn’t so luck as to escape being scrapped. Wrapped in history if ships could talk Lawhill would have been […]

Secrets Underground

In an adventure spanning several centuries young readers will be delighted with the little book as they learn about secret tunnels, hidden chambers and unexplored caves. From a destroyed and long-buried Aztec city to a Civil War cave that did much to aid the Confederacy readers will discover loads of trivia while being introduced to […]

The USS Essex: And the Birth of the American Navy

From the shipping yard of Salem, Massachusetts to the high seasĀ  France Robotti and James Vescovi follow one ship and one man as the pair makes a name for the United States Navy. David Porter had saltwater in his blood so it was no surprise when he took to the sea. The Essex on the […]

The Best Specimen of a Tyrant

When Abraham Van Norstrand took the superintendent’s position at the Wisconsin Insane Hospital he would have had an inkling of what lay head of him. The mental institute had proved the undoing of other doctors as shame and scandal followed them out the door. But Van Norstrand was a determined soul. As a teen he […]

The Great War

The Battle of the Somme resulted in devastating losses with more than 1,000,000 casualties and mistakes made by those in command only helped to achieve that number. Many people died in the battle leaving behind bereaved family members. In the aftermath there were, as can be expected, bodies that were unidentified; they now lie in […]