Anchor in the Storm

Lillian Avery and Archer Vandenberg are an unlikely duo. But for the cause they join forces to figure just what the heck is going on with Archer’s subordinates and a possible connection to prescriptions Lillian has been filling. Make no mistake, Lillian can barely abide the man but with something going on it’s clear something […]

Undaunted Hope

Tessa Taylor has made some bad choices in the past, but she’s ready to move on and create a new life for herself. And she means to stay away from lighthouses. But what happens when a lighthouse and its keepers come her way? Between wrestling personal issues, her past threatening to come forward and her […]

Mermaid Moon

Moments before he dies Mallory Davis’ father phones his daughter and passes on a mysterious message. What ensues will leave Mallory reeling as she desperately searches for answers…before time runs out. On her quest to discover her past and why her family is suddenly being threatened to finding that her mother’s death many years ago […]

The Girl in the Gatehouse

Mariah Aubrey made a mistake. And now she’s paying dearly for it. In her pen she takes solace, pounding on highly emotional memories that will haunt her for the rest of her life. But she’s making do with what she has, even if sh has been banished from her family, and even if her landlord […]

Through Waters Deep

The last thing quiet secretary Mary Stirling wants is to draw attention to herself. But it seems that the more she fights it the more inevitable it becomes. When it becomes apparent that someone is sabotaging the US Navy Mary inadvertently thrusts herself into the spotlight, even though her superiors would seem to shrug off […]

Maggie Bright

Between a teakettle wielding, shrieking 67-year old woman the Burglar Vicar didn’t stand a chance at his mission – whatever it was. But Clare Childs is determined to find out. Easier said than done. When she meets the vicar’s friend, Murray Vance of New York, she is intrigued by his warnings. Can the truth be more […]

Love’s Rescue

After twisting the truth a bit to get what she wanted/needed Elizabeth Benjamin probably shouldn’t have expected a happy welcome from her semi-cold father. But Elizabeth will do what Elizabeth wants and now she is stuck in a most difficult situation. As she is forced further into a future marriage to a dull and obnoxious […]