God’s Pursuit of Man

Another great read by A. W. Tozer. In this book he tackles the issues man has with giving his all to God. A great companion to The Pursuit of God I remember reading this book soon after the former and falling in love with it. I recommended the book to anyone who would listen. It was […]


A failing marriage. Two broken souls. And a test for the ages. Soooooo, I’ve heard a lot about this movie. And we’re talking a lot. But the story itself didn’t really seem like something I would enjoy or have any interest in since 1) it wasn’t set in some way-back-when time period and 2) what […]

The Midwife’s Tale

When Martha Cade’s daughter runs away from home Martha is devastated but determined to bring her home. When that doesn’t pan out she returns home to find her job and her legacy threatened by the arrival of a doctor who could easily take her place. Running out of options and places to turn Martha searches […]

Nobody’s Cuter Than You

We all have that one friend in our life. We can talk to the about anything and everything. They’ll be there for us at our darkest and in our best moments. They support us when we feel like we can’t go on anymore and listen to us whine about it. They either coddle up and […]

Tongue Pierced

The power of words. How many times do we hear that one in a year? Quite often. It’s because of the power our words carry that I often try to monitor what comes out of my mouth (the little words that actually come out of my mouth that it). I often catch myself saying things […]