A Bride at Last

Kate Dawson has led a troubled life. Even through that though she has endeavored to help others. The rough¬†and tumble of the place and time has left her somewhat rough around the edges, but she is every inch the lady. Even if her bosses would like to think she isn’t a good enough teachers for […]

Hearts Made Whole

When Caroline Taylor’s father dies in a boating accident, Caroline takes up his job as lighthouse keeper with the efficiency of one well-learned and experienced the ways of a keeper. But her gender is about to become her downfall when an official gives her a date to be out of the light in order to […]

The Creole Princess

Lyse Lanier’s family suffered a fall from grace before she was born. As such she has long been accustomed to her poor life and drunken father. When she meets a seemingly well-to-do and cocky Spaniard they become fast friends despite their very different backgrounds. But their friendship is complicated by war. A revolution of some […]

The Brickmaker’s Bride

Laura Woodfield is living in a world far different from the one she grew up in. With her father dead and the States attempting to recover in the wake of the Civil War Laura and her mother need to make wise decisions. And seeking the family brickyard is logical. Enter Ewan McKay. Scotch-Irish Ewan wants […]

With Every Breath

Kate Livingstone’s personality is as fiery as her red hair. When her childhood nemesis Trevor McDonough reenters her life with a job offer too good to turn down Kate jumps at it, but not without risk. In a world where tuberculosis is a very real threat and feared by the populace Kate can little imagine […]

Yankee in Atlanta

Caitlin McKae has learned from her mother not to rely on men. Making her own way in the world has proven rather difficult but she has survived. Well almost. After masquerading as a soldier in the Union Army Caitlin¬†is wounded in battle and in the aftermath mistaken for a Confederate. When she regains consciousness she […]

The Lawhill Story

The Lawhill was indeed a lucky ship. She lasted well into a world that had long ago transitioned from sail to steam and then to aviation as a means of international transportation. It’s sad that she wasn’t so luck as to escape being scrapped. Wrapped in history if ships could talk Lawhill would have been […]