From This Moment

Stella West’s sister is dead. And she is determined to get to the bottom of it. And Romulus White may be one of her keys to unlocking the shady mystery. And while he is vastly independent he has been wanting her to contribute to his magazine in hopes of making it big in the industry. […]

Until the Dawn

Sophie van Riijn gets the shock of her life when the Vandermark family returns to Dierenpark, after a more than half a century long absence. And not only that but they have apparently returned with the only purpose being to destroy the beautiful mansion. With so many bad memories associated with the residence it isn’t […]

Beyond All Dreams

Anna O’Brien doesn’t have much in life but she has worked hard for what she does have and for the most part she is content. That is until lately. With age she has come to spot oddities in the letters left behind by her deceased mariner father – oddities that point to a cover up […]

With Every Breath

Kate Livingstone’s personality is as fiery as her red hair. When her childhood nemesis Trevor McDonough reenters her life with a job offer too good to turn down Kate jumps at it, but not without risk. In a world where tuberculosis is a very real threat and feared by the populace Kate can little imagine […]