Giveaway for Carol Cox’s “Truth Be Told”

Truth Be ToldWe are giving away a book from our uber-large stockpile of book!

“Woo-hoo! She’s finally letting go of some of those books.”

“It’s about time – if you took her books and yarn away from her she wouldn’t have anything.”

Up for grabs is Carol Cox’s “Truth Be Told” which was released last year. To our international friends we regret to inform that US residents only are eligible to enter this giveaway due to the cost of postage. It sucks we know but the last time we shipped a 4 oz package overseas we were charged an arm and a leg – now that we have only one arm and one leg we can no longer afford to lose the matching pair. Please accept our sincerest regrets.

And here are a list of different things you can do to enter:

  • Sign up with Reet Champion Book Reviews by going to our About page and hitting the subscribe button in the left sidebar. ONE entry
  • Share this post on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, blog or any other social media outlet and leave a comment with your posting’s link(s). Your posting MUST be viewable by the public so it can be verified by we the RCBR. Sorry, guys, I’m pretty ruthless. For each place you share this post you will receive an additional entry. MULTIPLE entries 
  • Follow us on Facebook (a work in progress), Twitter, Google+, Bloglovin, Goodreads and/or Pinterest (or wherever you manage to find us in some old dusty place where we forgot we had an account) to qualify for more yummy entries. Woo-hoo! Please provide your username/name/link that was used to follow so we can verify your entry.  MULTIPLE entries

If you have any questions due to my clarification or lack thereof please do not hesitate to ask so we can get any misunderstandings squared away and you entered into the giveaway. The winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the month (May 31, 2015) and contacted by email so it is important that your email address be up to date when you comment. From the winner a shipping address will be obtained before Truth Be Told is headed your way.


Congratulations to Grace of Onto Her Bookshelf! You won a copy Truth Be Told that we will be popping into the mail soon.


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