Tongue Pierced

Tongue PiercedThe power of words. How many times do we hear that one in a year? Quite often. It’s because of the power our words carry that I often try to monitor what comes out of my mouth (the little words that actually come out of my mouth that it). I often catch myself saying things that are most likely not beneficial in any way or could hurt someone. So while I’m mentally keeping myself in check why not pick up a book that is supposed to help me? It sounded like an awesome idea. I mean really. A lot of my awesome ideas do actually begin with book. *rolls eyes* And everyone knows ho w my awesome ideas usually end up. Yup. Half-finished.

I’m not going to bash Nelson Searcy. He had a great idea for a book and he does makes some very valid points. I’m all for improving on ourselves as much as possible. We can’t be perfect but we can certainly try.  I stopped around the halfway marker though when it got a little bit – uh – deceptive. So Chapter Four really did it in for me. Mr. Searcy spoke of how you’re not lying to yourself when you replace negative thought with positive thoughts but when he started giving examples I could only face palm. He says they are not “delusional” but that we should consider the “other side of the coin” not just the negative side. But these examples were downright delusional. If I were encouraged to think alongside of those examples then I would be in more trouble then if I were being realistic. Is there anything wrong with being positive? No! I’m all for it. Just not that way. Anything can be taken to the extreme and in this case it was. If one can weed through things like that Tongue Pierced is still very much worth reading. We all could use some encouragement in dealing with less-than ideal circumstances that involve how we use our words. I just felt it was necessary to point this out.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we received an electronic copy of “Tongue Pierced”  provided by the publishers, David C. Cook, through in exchange for our honest review.


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