QuietI’m the person who has to be dragged to parties and/or noisy settings that set my nerves on edge and make my eyes look like that of a terrified deer. I’m the person who begs my ride to let me go home early because the noise of the party is just too – well – noisy. I’m the person who does not give someone a verbal chewing out when they insult me but instead chooses to ignore and avoid that person in favor of a quiet day. I’m the person who is bundle of nerves when placed in a new environment full of strangers. I’m the person who when confronted with someone who seems angry, scours my mind for a memory of anything that would mean I had done something to make the other person angry when in reality I had nothing to do with their present mental state. I am the person who runs every conversation through my mind thinking about everything that I said – what little I did say – that day and what I could have said differently. I am an introvert. We are not as rare as you may think. And while you may think us colorless we have a very rich life. We just keep it to ourselves.

I take solace in the quiet days. I cringe when I must force interaction with people. I’m often told that I’m too quiet, that I must “come out of that shell”. It no longer annoys me as it once did. I’m introvert and I’m fine with that. I’m not as broken as I thought I was. My mind is a whirl of activity even if it appears as if I am quiet and/or socially awkward on the outside. Some people will understand me and others won’t.

When it was first released I read Susan Cain’s Quiet with enough vigor to put a scholar to shame. While there was a great deal that I did not agree with what I did read I found most enlightening. To be able to read about the experiences of other introverts and shout “Me too!” (okay maybe not shout, more like mentally agree with the paragraph) was quite the experience. If you are an introvert who works with a lot of people on daily basis and are very rarely alone you find that people tend to regard you in a very odd way to the point that make you feel like an alien. It can be rather annoying, if you let it be, and to know that you are not the only one is a truly gratifying feeling. Even if you aren’t an introvert I highly recommend Quiet to readers.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we did not receive any compensation for our review of “Quiet”.


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