A Match of Wits

A Match of WitsIf there’s trouble to be found Agatha Watson is going to find it willingly or inadvertently. She has become notorious for it and perhaps it would have been all right had it been that alone but now it’s obvious someone is out to put an end to her reporting days – permanently. While tripping about in the American West Agatha bumps into Zayne Beckett, someone she had hoped to marry in the past. After seeing the state he is in she takes it upon herself to get him back to New York, whether he wants to or not (he doesn’t). And by golly, if he doesn’t listen up he’s in for an earful. And so he goes. After being robbed and nearly killed in the West Agatha returns to the East to find that someone is still hot on her trail. Time is very likely running out for her and she needs to hurry up and find out what all the plotting is about as well as get into that ridiculous mind of Zayne’s.

Jen Turano. It’s a name I’ve heard quite often these last several months. I mean you really can’t get any better than historical fiction, Christian fiction and humour, now can you? Humour is such a rare thing in literature anymore which is deplorable considering the benefits a good hearty laugh can do for one.  I’d like to see more of it. After reading A Match of Wits I now know for certain I will most definitely be reading all of Ms. Turano’s previous books in this series (one of which I own – huzzah!). Her stories are just thing to pass time when one has been having a rough day. They are lighthearted, easy going and have the most bizarre and hilarious incidents to keep one entertain for hours. I can easily see zipping through the entire series in a day. They are that good. So if you’ve been considering the Ladies of Distinction series I say go for it! Don’t let misgivings hold you back.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we received an electronic copy of “A Match of Wits”  provided by the publishers Bethany House, through NetGalley.com in exchange for our honest review.



17 thoughts on “A Match of Wits

    • Haha!

      There are four books in the series with this being the last (or so I’ve heard). I will say that there isn’t too much depth to the plot. It’s the humor that makes the book a fun read. Agatha forever does stupid things that I can easily see doing too. Ah the mortification. 😉

      • I don’t get that channel either so that makes two of us. I did recently read a rather scathing review of the book though so perhaps the TV series wouldn’t be for me anyway. A blessing in disguise?!

      • she has valid points, but I think she had The Classic reaction I typically have when everyone raves about a book or film. I only notice the flaws.
        I found “Outlander” randomly on a table at B&N. I’d never heard about it. It entertained the hell out of me. Maybe it hit a soft spot ‘cos I love northern Scotland. I know a lot of people hate overly-descriptive…I love that stuff.

        To a point, I think she may be exaggerating a bit. Then again, I had similar feelings about certain parts of the second book. It dragged for awhile, then it picked up.

      • It had a fascinating blurb; time travel, 18th century Scotland, history, but I really don’t think it would be for me. That line about overly-descriptive – hilarious. It brought to mind the high school days of “The Scarlet Letter”. How badly I wanted to make Nathaniel Hawthorne eat his commas.

        Well at least it – eventually – picked up. Some books drag the whole way through and make the reader want to toss the book in the trash (an unthinkable move for a bibliophile, but hey, sometimes we get pushed too far. 😉 )

      • Oh, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions & preferences. I usually shy away from recommending books cos if the person doesn’t like it, then I feel like I’ve wronged them somehow. I’ve got a lot of Catholic guilt leftover from childhood. :p yes! there are SO many books I soldier through for posterity! I didn’t really think of it as a time travel book as there was no DeLorean or 1.21 gigawats. A window into my fun-house-mirror mind!

        I do enjoy a spirted sharing of opinions though! Let’s find more books upon which we differ!

      • Oo, if you ever recommend a book to me that I don’t like you are going to get an earful 😉 (No, I wouldn’t do that.)

        Completely understand what you’re saying. And then I’m not really happy about writing negative reviews because I fear it will influence someone’s decision not to read the book when it could very well be something they will enjoy, although it seemed pretty boring. Come to that do you ever get those people who feel the need to become hostile towards you because you don’t share their same views on books the adored? Bah.

      • I would like to say they don’t but it really wouldn’t be surprising if they did. I couldn’t even get through episode one of “Titanic: Blood and Steel” because it was so grossly inaccurate.

      • Best description I have heard about that series yet! Haha! Fairly certain I got about 20 minutes into it before switching to something Jane Austen. Everything about T:B&S irritated me beyond toleration.

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