The Lightkeeper’s Ball

The Lightkeeper's BallSomething happened to Eleanor and Olivia Stewart is determined to find out. When word comes back to Olivia that her sister drowned outside of a little town by the name of Mercy Falls she smells a rat. Her sister was terrified of water and would never go swimming. Distraught over her sister’s loss Olivia sets out to discover the truth. Rumors circulate in town…some say Eleanor killed herself. Olivia think Eleanor’s fiancee, Harrison Bennett, killed her. But why is a question she must find an answer to. Resurrecting her title of Lady Devonworth Olivia goes undercover interrogating Harrison. She is surprised by what she learns but still no closer to finding an answer. And with her mother pushing for Olivia to take her sister’s place at Harrison’s side she needs to work fast or suffer her sister’s date. Because it’s obvious someone is out to get her. And they don’t mean her any good.

While still very much the page turner I didn’t think The Lightkeeper’s Ball had the same quality as the first two books (click here and here). Oh it had its share of mystery and again confusing leads (I was utterly surprised by who the villain turned out to be). While immoral characters were more prominent in this installment, I think I was getting a little bored with the recurrences. In all three books the fathers make bad choices (whatever bad happens it’s almost always their fault). In the first two books the father met his future wife but turned around and married her sister, his “second choice”, causing one to two of the sisters to become bitter. A few minor tweaks here and there but overall the same stuff going on. So yeah, as a standalone it may not have been so bad but it got to be a wee bit repetitive after reading all three books in quick succession. Then there was Olivia. For someone wanting to keep her secrets she sure was quick to share with perfect strangers. I still recommend this book however. If you can find a copy, by all means read it.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we have not received compensation for our book review of “The Lightkeeper’s Ball”.


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