Deep Harbor

Irish lace!

Irish lace!

In the second installment of the Northern Lights series Lisa Tawn Bergren follows up the live of our leading ladies. Elsa is still sailing the seven seas at Peder’s side , but their bubble of tranquil happiness is about to burst when pirate Mason Dutton reenters their lives with the intent of recapturing Elsa. On shore Tora tries to force Trent Storm to propose marriage as she grows tired of waiting for her hopes of wealth and power. But her plans backfire with surprising results and she is sent far away from Trent and into the very heart of trouble. Kaatje has not heard from her wayward husband Soren for many year now and from letters she has received there’s a good chance he is dead. Not satisfied to rely on rumors Kaatje wrestles with he idea of pulling up stakes and leaving for the Alaskan wilds to find answers. But with two young children in tow it will make a rough journey even rougher.

In some ways Deep Harbor was better than The Captain’s Bride and in other ways it was worse. Thankfully the crude content had been cut down some; not completely, but hey, it’s a start! On the down side there wasn’t as much adventure. Oh there were kidnappings and fights and so on, but it mostly centered on Tora’s efforts to get her life together (or end it). So overall the story was “middling”. I still wasn’t very fond of the characters although it was good to see they arenweren’t as depraved as they were in the first book. At this point I’m a wee bit bored with the whole kit and kaboodle so I’ll be holding off on reading Midnight Sun for now.

The same time I was reading this book I was alternating with another of Ms. Bergren’s more recent publications and it was good to see how far her story lines have come and that they are, for the most part, appropriate.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we have not received compensation for our book review of “Deep Harbor”.


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