The Captain’s Bride

The Captain's BrideJust a little word of advice – if you don’t care to read reviews criticizing your favorite author’s books don’t read the following. I don’t have an issue with authors personally whose books I have been giving poor ratings but I can’t love every book they turn out either. Proceed with caution.

Soon after her marriage to Peder Ramstad, Elsa Anders sets sail on an adventure that will take her across stormy seas and to the coast of Maine. As she settles into life at sea her life in thrown into semi-chaos as her spoiled and rebellious sister is found aboard the ship having stowed away. A “gold digger” Tora Anders is determined to do anything it takes to attain wealth and maybe even power. And that’s the least of Elsa’s problems. Peder’s friend Karl Martensen’s feelings aren’t quite as cloaked as he would like them to be yet Elsa isn’t willing to admit what she sees. And then there’s poor Kaatje trying to stick by her horribly deceptive husband (I can’t believe how everyone accepts this guy!) Peder’s passengers – and crew even – are in conflict with each other; from his officers down to the stowaway, people have secrets that are all threatening to come to light.

I seem to be having a run of bad luck in choosing books lately. This was another disappointment. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Lisa Bergren’s stories in the past and was excited to dive into The Captain’s Bride since it involved ships. The story itself was interesting, but…the overall theme was rather sinister. Between the clandestine affairs, the ladies’ man and the men’s lady I was about ready to give it up. And let’s talk about the numerous advances made by several different characters on Elsa? Sheesh! I was repulsed by how corrupt and selfish the characters were; it was really difficult to like any of them. I will be reading the second book in hopes that it will be a little better and also because my curiosity is aroused as to whether any of these characters finally get their acts together. Yes, there is a cliff hanger! So while I think some of the content wasn’t very appropriate and I didn’t like the characters it just goes to show the author’s skills when one is ready to plunge into book two due to curiosity.

On a more positive note I am currently reading Lisa Bergren’s Glamorous Illusions and enjoying it very much.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we have not received compensation for our book review of “The Captain’s Bride”.


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