A Bride for Keeps

A Bride for KeepsFirst off my apologies for flooding readers with reviews. With these two published I’ll finally be caught up. 

Julia Lockwood is trying to escape a troubled past that has left her with mental scars and with secrets she would rather leave undiscovered. After her father and fiancée betrayed her, Julia ran away from home, but not until after the damage had been done. When she strikes up a correspondence with Rachel Stanton little does she know what her future holds.

Everett Cline has no intention of seeking out another bride. He’s been jilted several times and one mail order bride arrived dead. His unfruitful attempts to find a wife have made him a running joke in town and quite frankly he would just as soon have no more to do with the bridal business. But then Rachel sticks her scheming, but good-hearted, nose into his affairs and presents Julia Lockwood to him as a mail order bride. But Everett is not sure he wants a wife – he’s been betrayed so often he fully expects Julia to run off without a word. To begin anew Julia and Everett must overcome their pasts, which is easier said than done.

I almost passed up A Bride for Keeps (thanks, Debbie!). I’ve had my share of mail order bride stories and let’s just say they’re not a favorite. But between Debbie’s enthusiastic review and the interesting summary, well…Melissa Jaegers has crafted a very touching story, one that pulls at the heart strings to make it a very memorable read. Very few books evoke emotion from me as a reader – sure they’re interesting but to feel the characters’ pains and joys (no, I didn’t cry all over the Nook and short it out)? That’s another story. But this book was different. It was very well written and the issues faced by the characters just draw one in. The story gradually comes together so that the reader just has to keep reading and reading to get the full picture – and I mean that in the most respectful way as I admire that type of skill.

As a side there was some content I wasn’t comfortable with but the obvious talent the author has me looking forward to her future stories!

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we received an electronic copy of “A Bride for Keeps” from NetGalley.com provided by the publishers, Bethany House Publishers, in exchange for our honest review.


9 thoughts on “A Bride for Keeps

  1. I’m glad you liked the book, I never know when recommending a book. Everyone has different tastes, that’s why there are so many genre’s and authors!! I’m wondering though, what content were you now comfortable with? (Now you have to realize my memory is pretty bad, and I honestly can’t remember much about the story other than my review and your’s, but if I knew what made you uncomfortable, I might remember if it made me feel the same way!)

    I’m glad you are finally caught up with your reviews. I’m not! I have been having problems with my eyes and can’t read for long periods of time. So my reading is going very slow! I hate it, but looking forward to when, hopefully, my eyes get better.


    • I’ve been very appreciative of your book recommendations on Goodreads. I don’t normally read contemporary or Amish fiction so maybe will help me to get out of my “historical shell”. 😉

      Re the unpleasant part – do you recall the part where Ned tried to force himself on Julia (and Everett gave him a sound thrashing). That wasn’t something I was comfortable witnessing – but that’s just me. You know, now I wonder about Ned and his wife. I understand “A Bride for Keeps” is the first in a series so maybe Ms. Jagears has plans for wrapping their loose ends in future books?

      I hear ya! So many books so little time. In my case I read too many books and fell behind writing out reviews. *bangs head against wall* Hope your eyes get better, Debbie!

    • On Goodreads I gave it a rating of 4 stars (not 5; as you can see in the comment above there was a thing or two I wasn’t comfortable with).

      I recommend this book because *I* consider it a new take on the mail order brides (sort of – it does remind me of one of Maggie Brendans books but with some differences), a subject that seems to have been beaten to death in the HF genre. The writing style is fluid and the story itself touching. It’s rare that a story ever evokes emotion out of me as a reader but this one was very realistic. Also I’m not a gushy person, as a rule, so this comment says a lot about what I think about the story. 😀

      I really liked this historical setting, however…if you’re looking for a book with strong historical theme this may not be the book for you. Personally I didn’t have a problem with that. There was enough history in there to satisfy me with the setting. No facts and dates to get bogged down in as we see in books that are set in (for instance) the Civil War and American Revolution. So yeah, I highly recommend.

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